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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spectraflair Top Coat!

Oh the possibilities are endless and I see I am already going to need another bottle. I got it for just a penny on Copious. I couldn't decide what color to put it over but I decided on Milani Black Swift. I have the urge to pour the whole bottle into a bottle of black because it kind of turns it greyish. Well with no further ado here is very first holo : )

Flash On

 No Flash


My very first Zoya Maisie :)


  1. Great minds think alike!!! I got the SF mini (though I got 2 for like 12 bucks in credits) and I also got Maisie!!! (And I can even tell you who you got SF from lol) Nice pics, though a little dark and hard for me to see. I thought Maisie was supposed to be a bigger flakie but I'm still happy with it :)

  2. Oh thats cool I got this one for a penny! Yea my rooms a lil dark but I had to share this. I thought it was bigger too. I swatched it though and theyre bigger than they look.

  3. OMG that is awesome! I'm in love.... <3

    1. I know Im gonna need a big bottle very soon. It looks so pretty on everything.