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Friday, June 7, 2013

Flash sale!

Hey guys! Sorry no pics yet, I need a new memory card adapter. But Tia's got a sale on her new polish line going on!

"FLASH SALE!!! For the next 24 hours all polishes are only $6 each! Get em before theyre gone http://www.etsy.com/shop/CosmosLacquer?ref=si_shop"

I'm wearing Blucherry Planet right now! I just got it, it reminds me of a poptart. :p

Monday, June 3, 2013


Hey guys! Since Tia's over at Cosmos Lacquer now, I'm going to be attempting to run this blog and show some of her polishes off! Once I get a working memory card, apparently this computer isn't going to read this one anymore. Bummer. But anyway, check out some of her polishes! ~Megan 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello from over the pond :D

Howdy hi fellow polish lovers, So as Tia is going to be minus the Internet for a few weeks or so (HOW is she going to cope?! I am not sure I could) I offered to step into the breach and keep her blog ticking over until she is back. I don't have a blog myself but I do guest here and there for a few of my polish and fashion loving buddies, so I am hoping that you and I can firm up a wonderful friendship and I can brighten your day a little with a couple of english beauties I have hidden away in my stash. So what can I tell you about me?? Hmm.... Well apart from loving polish I love to Dance with my Street Dance Family. Its another massive passion of mine. I am also a mumma to an amazing little lad.... oh and I LOVE purple polish :D So you will more than likely see a LOT of that going around here. Now, we in good ol' Blighty are a little bit backwards when it comes to polish, but we do have some which, I think, are stunning. For this post.... I am going to show the some of the lovelies in the new Model's Own collection Wonderland. Like all Model's Own polish, they are wonderful to apply and have a super finish once dry. Here I have for you Northern Lights, which is a subtle pink holo, which packs a massive punch when you get it in the light. WOWZER!!!
After grabbing this one, I knew the purple Southern Lights NEEDED to be mine.... but I am afraid to say I was more disappointed in this one as it was more silver than purple. Nevertheless..... its still lovely, and you can see it here with A-England's Lady of the Lake on my ring finger.
Both of these beauties are 3 coats for good measure :D So what do you think? Worthy of a USA thumbs up?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Brave Little Toaster

I had a nail accident about a week ago which caused me to have to nub to the nail bed every nail I had. I was really sad because my nails were finally getting closer to the length I wanted them. After a few pep talks I decided all I needed to finally embrace my nubbins was a pretty mani! And they were right. I put two coats of SH Blue Me Away and then took out my long awaited F4 Splat! and oh my god sparks flew. Okay not really but you get the point I love this polish and dare I say it satisfies my Lynn Connect the Dots lemming.

Feeling Whimsical!

Okay so maybe not but I do love this polish. I got it as a RAOK a while back from a great friend in a polish group. Revlon whimsical is one of those lemming everybody had and then half of them were like wait I dont want this...I am not one of those people. This is two coats over a few coats of SC Cinderella a polish Im not so crazy about but Ill show you swatches anyway.
I am a Milani fanatic if you haven't tried their polishes go now get some I'll wait.........you back yet? Okay good now lets get started. I got this forever and a half ago and never tried it. Deep thoughts is a gorgeous dark vampy purple and if you have nice nails its definitely a one coater. But my nails were a little worse for wear so I did two to cover all my bumps and cracks. Isn't it gorgeous?
Now onto my favorite pastel ever. Violet Dash. Milani claims this as a one coater and if you're not like me and apply really thin coats this would most definitely be one. I absolutely adore their one coaters Black Swift and White on the Spot are my go to black and whites. So this is two thin coats. Look at that shine!
I got some amazing nail mail this day so I topped it with Rainbow Honey 20% cooler. I wasn't totally in love with this to be honest but its a nice pairing none the less.

Be still my heart!

Be still my heart I have found a tiny matte glitter I love more than Floam. Jindie Nails Be Trixed! It is so gorgeous. I'll give you Jennifer's description because she's much better at it than me. "This polish has all matte glitters in it. The colors are neon yellow, neon blue, barbie pink and black. Super fun, bright glitter polish." I love the bigger matte glitters mixed in with the tiny floam like glitters. I think I will do a comparison of the two very soon. Below is three coats. Polish goes on well just like all her others. This can be found in her etsy store.