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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jindie Nails Review #3

Here we are with the third installment of Jindie Nails polishes. I will repeat all the info for you still. Awesome lady who I am super happy to work with. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram @jindienails and you can get her amazing creations in her etsy store. This third installment does not feature more from the Hellaween collection though that post is coming I promise :). But today I have some super amazing ones for you. Got Glitter? and Soul Surfing.
First up is Soul Surfing. This is the new version of Soul Surfing so if you have the old one this is a bit different! I like this version better from the swatches Ive seen of the old one. Maybe Jen can use this swatch in her etsy store to update that pic :) Anywho its a pastel white, green, and teal matte satin glitters in several sizes/shapes in a clear base. It also has green and teal sparkle throughout. Seriously this baby is gorgeous I totally underestimated it in the bottle. This requires zero fishing for glitter <3 I swatched it over black and it looked amazing but I sadly don't have that for you since that mani suffered an accident. But I do have two coats of it here over WnW I Need a Refresh Mint. I love this combo so much it goes together but still completely stands out. This is no top coat.
Next up is Got Glitter? which contains glitter colors from turquoise, green, lavender holographic hexes and silver holographic stars and bars in a clear base. This does dry semi matte so I did add a layer of top coat for shine. I have only one complaint. Jen can I get more stars? I have a love affair with stars and this polish teases me with them. Their is no fishing required with this polish to get all the glitter you could ever need. I also had this swatched over black and it was beautiful but I went for something different. Here is two coats over WnW On a trip with one layer of top coat.
I hope you're enjoying all my posts my lovely readers. I'm working hard to get better at describing and swatching all these beautiful polishes for you. Thanks for sticking around and reading don't know what I would do without you guys <3

Friday, September 28, 2012

F4 Polish Review!

Today I have for you three gorgeous F4 polishes. Space Mountain, Shellie, and Bubble Yum. I have to say I am in love with these polishes. Like unhealthily obsessed :) F4 Polish is made by 3 wonderful sisters. You can find pictures of all their pretties on their Facebook page and in their Etsy store. They have an amazing Halloween collection as well. First up is....
Space Mountain. Space Mountain is made up of black, white, purple and blue glitters and silver holographic glitters This is two coats of Space Mountain over Milani White on the Spot. The glitter goes on super smooth and dries quickly. I think this looks like blueberry poptart frosting.
Next is Shellie. Shellie is made up of pink, purple, white hexes of all shapes and small square white glitter. This is two coats over Sinful Colors Rise and Shine. Also a very easy to apply glitter. I love the color combo here. Could not stop staring at my nails. Shellie is also made and named for this really awesome lady at on_a_budget_nails.
Last but definitely not least is Bubble Yum. Bubble Yum is made up of different size pink and white hex glitter. This is two coats of Bubble Yum over Milani Black Swift. I am head over heels for this one. Its the first one I tried on. I love the pink and white with black. I am gonna need a full size bottle very soon.
These are amazing polishes and when you buy some you will not be disappointed in the slightest. I also adore the jewel on the label. Im a sucker for packaging. I love when minis have the brand label and the polish name label on the bottom. Something so indie about the yellow sticker on the bottom :) Well that's all for today ladies have something super neon for you next time.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jindie Nails Review #2

I am going to steal the information from my last post to introduce this wonderful indie maker. Her name is Jindie Nails. Her polishes range from glitter in creme/jelly bases to fine and chunky matte glitters. I love that her polishes aren't all the same. I have yet to find one that I dont love. I received these first 6 you will see for review this weekend. Jindie Nails creator is the sweetest lady who offers amazing polishes. You can find them here in her etsy store. Also follow her on instagram @jindienails! I recieved my order yesterday and one of them is featured in this post. This is three polishes from her Hellaween collection. I believe I have one or two more from this collex to show you. I will also be using her descriptions since well they are a lot better than mine
First off is Ya Freak! a white creme polish with purple and black matte glitters and a few sparkles of lavender and some hidden purple shimmer throughout. I saw some really cool purple triangles on my nails which I thought was neat I had never seen triangular glitter. This is two coats of Ya Freak! over two coats of white I think it could be opaque on its own but this is how I did it. It went on super smooth and dried fast just like the rest.
Next is Witch Way? is a very pigmented purple jelly base with black large square glitter, matte neon green small glitter and green shimmer/flake glitter added to it. In other words its amazing. Theres so much swimming around in this jelly. This is also my first jelly and even with a lil vnl I still love it! Again application is a dream a this is the glitter that comes out of the bottle I do not dab glitter on. This is two thickish coats.
Lastly for tonight we have Frankenstein Spit a polish made of all matte neon green, black and purple glitter in a clear base. Of course this is very reminiscent of NVL Floam but Halloween colors. I am so in love with this, I adore matte glitter. This is four thin coats. I want to ask my lovely readers a few questions before I go. Do you like my swatches?Are the pictures too small? Has my clean up improved? Are there other things you would like to see? Lemme know in the comments :) Oh also be sure to check out Jindie Nails etsy for some football themed polishes only there for a limited time!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jindie Nails Review #1

Today I have the beginning of what is going to be a week long process. I found this awesome indie maker a few weeks ago. Her name is Jindie Nails. Her polished range from glitter in creme/jelly bases to fine and chunky matte glitters. I love that her polishes aren't all the same. I have yet to find one that I dont love. I received these first 6 you will see for review this weekend. Now I am waiting on my order which will be here anyday. :) I am so excited for this mail. Jindie Nails creator is the sweetest lady who offers amazing polishes. You can find them here in her etsy store. Also follow her on instagram @jindienails! Today I have the first two and this are a part of the Hellaween collection. More from the collection during the week. Check the Candy and Monstar
Check the Candy. Be prepared I'm gonna ramble about this one. Check the Candy is an amazing glitter mix of barbie pink, hot orange, and neon blue matte glitters of different sizes in a white creme jelly base. I say creme jelly because it covers like a creme and looks like a jelly because the glitters arent swallowed by the white. I never understood why people loved glitter in white base polishes. Now I do. I am absolutely head over heels for this. I think you should just let the picture explain it to you. This is 2 coats by itself.
Monstar is a glitter bomb! We all know I love glitter bombs but this is a new love for one reason. Chunky glitter! Monstar is full of purple, blue, green and black matte glitters of all shapes and sizes, oh the moons and stars. With blue and silver sparkles through the base. I thought I was going to have to fish hard for the bigger glitters but all I had to do was shake it up a bit before I started and sometimes had to put the brush in a little deeper and they come out with ease. I have two coats here over two coats of Pure Ice Kiss Me Here (my first gray!).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monster Mixers & Elixirs

From the wonderful people that brought you the Copious store and blog page Be Someone Cute comes a fabulous new store. Monster Mixers & Elixirs a franken polish store. There Melissa sells already mixed glitter top coats, bottles of suspension and many different colors and sizes of solvent resistant glitters. I love that they test their glitters before selling them. They have great customer service as well. Today I have two of the fabulous glitter top coats to show you King's Cup and Stratosphere.
King's Cup is a gold holographic glitter that I thought looked great layered over black. It went on smoothly and is so dense I think it would make a great stand alone glitter polish as well. And there's also Stratosphere making an appearance on my ring finger.
Stratosphere is a beautiful blue holographic glitter. It went on very smoothly and looked great over blue and black here it is over Julep Claire. I was afraid the glitter would get lost but it looked beautiful.
I will definitely be buying some of her base and glitters very soon. I can't wait to start frankening my own polishes.