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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jindie Nails Review #1

Today I have the beginning of what is going to be a week long process. I found this awesome indie maker a few weeks ago. Her name is Jindie Nails. Her polished range from glitter in creme/jelly bases to fine and chunky matte glitters. I love that her polishes aren't all the same. I have yet to find one that I dont love. I received these first 6 you will see for review this weekend. Now I am waiting on my order which will be here anyday. :) I am so excited for this mail. Jindie Nails creator is the sweetest lady who offers amazing polishes. You can find them here in her etsy store. Also follow her on instagram @jindienails! Today I have the first two and this are a part of the Hellaween collection. More from the collection during the week. Check the Candy and Monstar
Check the Candy. Be prepared I'm gonna ramble about this one. Check the Candy is an amazing glitter mix of barbie pink, hot orange, and neon blue matte glitters of different sizes in a white creme jelly base. I say creme jelly because it covers like a creme and looks like a jelly because the glitters arent swallowed by the white. I never understood why people loved glitter in white base polishes. Now I do. I am absolutely head over heels for this. I think you should just let the picture explain it to you. This is 2 coats by itself.
Monstar is a glitter bomb! We all know I love glitter bombs but this is a new love for one reason. Chunky glitter! Monstar is full of purple, blue, green and black matte glitters of all shapes and sizes, oh the moons and stars. With blue and silver sparkles through the base. I thought I was going to have to fish hard for the bigger glitters but all I had to do was shake it up a bit before I started and sometimes had to put the brush in a little deeper and they come out with ease. I have two coats here over two coats of Pure Ice Kiss Me Here (my first gray!).


  1. Daaang that's big glitter! And little stars omg! And so many neons! Oh I want them both.