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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Neon Leopard Print

This weeks challenge was leopard print. I had never participated in the weekly challenge and I felt inspired so I thought why not. Animal print always makes me think bright and tacky colors so for my base I did two coats of Sally Hansen Green with Envy. This is a color I'm not sure why I ever purchased but now I see why. I did the hot pink dots with China glaze Shocking Pink then surrounded them with Milani Black Swift. I am so in love with this I almost don't wanna take it off but I found a Hello Kitty tutorial I bet ya'll can guess what tomorrows post is : )

Mission Accomplished

Thanks to the wonderful Ms. Brittany at Adventures and Mishaps in the Land of Polish I decided to try stamping again. Thanks to her wonderful suggestion that for some reason I had never tried I did my first successful stamp mani. I have had this stamp plates since Christmas I got mad after several unsuccessful attempts and gave up. Then I saw a mani she had done and I had to try it again. Again with no success. Then she gives me what sounded like the most simple suggestion I have ever heard, use a gift card. I thought I had tried everything but nope! So I now need a bunch more plates all my images are boring. I went with the flowers off of the konad plate m60. They looked cute and simple and it wasn't gonna matter how I positioned them so I went with them. I started my man with two coats of Matte NA Fairytale (don't you love this color?!) and then went to stamping with the konad special polish in black. I love how these turned out, tell me what you think?


Oh the splatter technique, it sounded so easy. Well it wasn't. I'm pretty sure its because I was using matte polish and that dries really quickly but I wanted it neon and those were the neons I had. So I had to figure out how to get the splatter technique my own way. I wiped off all the excess from the brushes and tapped the brush onto my nail basically just smashing the bristles into my nail. You get this weird splatter/smash effect but it worked. It doesn't look like the splatter technique like I wanted it to but it does look like tie-dye so I love it. There are lots of ways to do a splatter mani but this probably isnt one : ) Well enjoy ladies.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

150 Facebook Likes!

Yes it is finally time! My very first giveaway! There will only be one winner this time but I promise the next one will be better. Onto the prizes the lucky winner gets a China Glaze In the Lime Light and a pack Seche French Guides. US only sorry. And I will be checking all entries so please be truthful

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Sunday, July 22, 2012


I never wear pink. I don't think I own a single pink item of clothing but for some reason tonight I wanted to be different. So I pulled out China Glaze Carribean Temptation. Its a pretty pink with a pourple chrome undertone. I did two coats of Carribean Temptation and there was still a little visible nail line but since I was goin to do some art I kept it at two coats. Then I used this new nail drying spray I got, I'm not sure it worked but it smells great. After that I did a diagonal line of white dots across my nails. I was going to do a write up on my Mash brushes as well but I didn't have the time to do it. Though I now have the best clean up brushes ever. Hope you guys like this mani because I really do.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Flakies!: Zoya Maisie

For today's pots I broke out one of my favorite polish babies, China Glaze For Audrey. I thought it would look good with the bright blue flakes in Maisie. I thought the flakes looked very small in the bottle but once on the nail they seemed to just disappear. They aren't a pain in the butt to get out of the bottle (no fishing). I did two coats of For Audrey with two coats of Maisie. Maise just doesn't stand out here but will look good over black. Maisie is my first Zoya but I don't think it will be my last. Looks so lonely on the shelf : ) Well here you are. I also got my Mash nail art brushes. There will be a very long picture heavy review tomorrow so be prepared.

See what I mean?

Pic is dark but you can see the flakes

Close up

Sorry about the dark pictures one of my lights blew so I gotta find a new place to take pics.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spectraflair Top Coat!

Oh the possibilities are endless and I see I am already going to need another bottle. I got it for just a penny on Copious. I couldn't decide what color to put it over but I decided on Milani Black Swift. I have the urge to pour the whole bottle into a bottle of black because it kind of turns it greyish. Well with no further ado here is very first holo : )

Flash On

 No Flash


My very first Zoya Maisie :)

Monday, July 16, 2012


This mani is a few weeks old but I did it specifically for try it on tuesday so here you are! So for my second Try it on Tuesday I'm trying out two different China Glazes and some chunky glitter from the Dollar Tree. I started with two coats of Coconut Kiss, it's a beautiful, rich, dark purple but the application was a little difficult with lots of dragging. Second on my ring fingers I did Tree Hugger, it took 3 coats for full opacity but it didn't drag. It has this really pretty shimmer in the bottle but didn't really show on the nail. Next I had the brilliant idea to tip the Tree Hugger nails in silver holo glitter. That was a mess to say the least, it is now everywhere. It was my first attempt with loose glitter but definitely not my last. And it was all topped with Seche Vite of course. And my middle finger is looking rough but its healing. 
Well enough talking, enjoy!

 How short my nails were! Eek.
Yikes my poor finger glad its healing well.
 Close up of the glitter.
Closest thing to me was a ruler : )

Mani Monday!

This is a quick post because I am trying to get in the habit of doing a new blog post everyday. I have to keep you guys entertained right?! You guys are out there aren't you because I welcome comments and suggestions on what you'd like to see : )

Today's mani today is China glaze Stone Cold with dotted tips (China Glaze For Audrey and Milani Violet Dash). Stone Cold goes on very smoothly and full coverage in one coat but I always like to do 2. I am absolutely loving dotting. I am also getting brushes later on in the week so be prepared!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

It really is a miracle!

I have had the worst luck with nail breaking since I started my addiction 6ish months ago. I found this absolutely wonderful nail growth stuff from Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle. After all of the splitting and peeling nails grew out I have had zero breaks. Which is amazing for me to go two weeks without a break seeing as how they were breaking every other day. My nails are now incredibly strong and have grown out so much I can type with my nails again for the first time in years. I didn't even think to take pictures because I didn't think it would work this well. So these are all polished pics. Oh and you really only have to use it every two days though its tempting to reapply daily. And as long as you put it on smoothly makes an alright base coat. Still works under polish! 

 My nubbies!
 Long pretties now : )
Ring finger broke to a nubby a week ago it was one of the worst peelers but the rest of my nails are long and best of all healthy. You guys should definitely try it out.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Matte Love

I got these really great polishes from Amazon.com a few weeks ago. I was afraid because they were super cheap but I'm glad to say they proved me extremely wrong. I am a sucker for matte polishes so I had to have them. The set came with 16 of matte nail apparels polishes (I've been told there is another line?) and 6 tubs of polish remover pads that smell like flowers (they smell sooo good). All of this can be seen on my Facebook page. This is Sequel. Which is probably my favorite one out of them all because I have a huge love of blue. All of the matte n a I have tried apply with no problems and have great wear time.

After one day I already wanted to change them but I couldn't part with such a pretty color just yet so I added two coats of a glitter I've been in love with for a while, ULTA Pianta-yada-yada. So much rainbow glitter!

So day 3 rolls around and I still can't part with this blue yet so I decided a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust would be perfect. How did I not realize I have a holo glitter just sitting around? Now I really want the Layla holos. I swear I'll change the blue tomorrow : ) Shoulda done a second coat of fairy dust, gonna need a new bottle before too long.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Polish Rack Undertaking

 So I made these polish racks from this wonderful video on Youtube. I found the cutest Hello Kitty tape at Wal-Mart but it was way out of my price range. So crazy me decided to make two at once though I had no idea what I was doin. The first one took me days to make, I would start, get frustrated, and walk away. The second only took one night : ). I found everything I needed at Wal-Mart (though they didn't have enough black foam board so I went with white) except for the hot gluegun I borrowed from my grandma. I found really cute polka dot tape with a black background. I only have one tip for this outside of what the video says do not use a high temp hot glue gun because it melts the foam board and sometimes makes it smoke which kinda worried me. So after a week being covered in little bits of foam, staring angrily at my kitchen table and getting burned by super hot glue and my internet going out and just having to wing it at the end. I think they turned out beautiful, enjoy guys!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dotting Adventure!

I'm back from a horribly long hiatus. Thank God we have internet again!

So I got some dotting tools a few weeks ago and hadn't gotten around to using them. So very late at night I felt creative and its probably why this was such a misadventure but I wanted to show you guys. Also got a one coat black and wanted to try it. 

So I started with Milani Black Swift and shocking to me it really is one coat! And to add on to the crazy I decided to use NYC Matte . I started with a base of Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle (do not repeat my mistake), it made the black drag so badly. But after I finally got it on I picked out a blue, pink, and green from my nail art colors and started dotting away. The dots turned out great except I tried to put a few too many on. It was gonna be just a regular shiny mani but one of my nail art colors turned out matte and well I had the brilliant idea to add matte top coat. 

I hate how it turned out but I like to share the good, bad, and the UGLY with you guys. I'm sure this could be pretty but its probably way too late for that. Also this mani didn't even make it to photos without an accident (thank god it was the right hand) Well you guys be the judge. What do ya'll think?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Late 4th of July!

Me and my best friend got together for 4th of July and of course I had to do her nails! So after a super failure with making firework nails we decided on watermelons. I started with China Glaze base coat as always and then two coats of WetnWild Everybody Loves Redmond. I tipped them in SaGreena the Teenage Witch and made the white line with Milani White on the Spot and the seeds with Milani Black Swift. 

Then when I got done with my watermelons I wanted to do something else and she came up with cloudy sky. I did the sky in China Glaze For Audrey and the clouds with Milani White on the Spot. I think I'm in love with my dotting tools. Sorry for the blurry pictures all I had was a cell phone.