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Friday, July 13, 2012

Matte Love

I got these really great polishes from Amazon.com a few weeks ago. I was afraid because they were super cheap but I'm glad to say they proved me extremely wrong. I am a sucker for matte polishes so I had to have them. The set came with 16 of matte nail apparels polishes (I've been told there is another line?) and 6 tubs of polish remover pads that smell like flowers (they smell sooo good). All of this can be seen on my Facebook page. This is Sequel. Which is probably my favorite one out of them all because I have a huge love of blue. All of the matte n a I have tried apply with no problems and have great wear time.

After one day I already wanted to change them but I couldn't part with such a pretty color just yet so I added two coats of a glitter I've been in love with for a while, ULTA Pianta-yada-yada. So much rainbow glitter!

So day 3 rolls around and I still can't part with this blue yet so I decided a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust would be perfect. How did I not realize I have a holo glitter just sitting around? Now I really want the Layla holos. I swear I'll change the blue tomorrow : ) Shoulda done a second coat of fairy dust, gonna need a new bottle before too long.


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