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Sunday, July 15, 2012

It really is a miracle!

I have had the worst luck with nail breaking since I started my addiction 6ish months ago. I found this absolutely wonderful nail growth stuff from Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle. After all of the splitting and peeling nails grew out I have had zero breaks. Which is amazing for me to go two weeks without a break seeing as how they were breaking every other day. My nails are now incredibly strong and have grown out so much I can type with my nails again for the first time in years. I didn't even think to take pictures because I didn't think it would work this well. So these are all polished pics. Oh and you really only have to use it every two days though its tempting to reapply daily. And as long as you put it on smoothly makes an alright base coat. Still works under polish! 

 My nubbies!
 Long pretties now : )
Ring finger broke to a nubby a week ago it was one of the worst peelers but the rest of my nails are long and best of all healthy. You guys should definitely try it out.


  1. This is awesome! My nails are the worst. Def gotta try this out

    1. Its really great, I have several nails that peel really badly and this is the only thing Ive tried thats worked.