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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Neon Leopard Print

This weeks challenge was leopard print. I had never participated in the weekly challenge and I felt inspired so I thought why not. Animal print always makes me think bright and tacky colors so for my base I did two coats of Sally Hansen Green with Envy. This is a color I'm not sure why I ever purchased but now I see why. I did the hot pink dots with China glaze Shocking Pink then surrounded them with Milani Black Swift. I am so in love with this I almost don't wanna take it off but I found a Hello Kitty tutorial I bet ya'll can guess what tomorrows post is : )


  1. Why do I like this I hate animal print. Also these prove you're not a robot things are ridiculous I can't read this

    1. Cuz we are robots. beep boop. And I know I loved this and hate animal print