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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jindie Nails Review #3

Here we are with the third installment of Jindie Nails polishes. I will repeat all the info for you still. Awesome lady who I am super happy to work with. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram @jindienails and you can get her amazing creations in her etsy store. This third installment does not feature more from the Hellaween collection though that post is coming I promise :). But today I have some super amazing ones for you. Got Glitter? and Soul Surfing.
First up is Soul Surfing. This is the new version of Soul Surfing so if you have the old one this is a bit different! I like this version better from the swatches Ive seen of the old one. Maybe Jen can use this swatch in her etsy store to update that pic :) Anywho its a pastel white, green, and teal matte satin glitters in several sizes/shapes in a clear base. It also has green and teal sparkle throughout. Seriously this baby is gorgeous I totally underestimated it in the bottle. This requires zero fishing for glitter <3 I swatched it over black and it looked amazing but I sadly don't have that for you since that mani suffered an accident. But I do have two coats of it here over WnW I Need a Refresh Mint. I love this combo so much it goes together but still completely stands out. This is no top coat.
Next up is Got Glitter? which contains glitter colors from turquoise, green, lavender holographic hexes and silver holographic stars and bars in a clear base. This does dry semi matte so I did add a layer of top coat for shine. I have only one complaint. Jen can I get more stars? I have a love affair with stars and this polish teases me with them. Their is no fishing required with this polish to get all the glitter you could ever need. I also had this swatched over black and it was beautiful but I went for something different. Here is two coats over WnW On a trip with one layer of top coat.
I hope you're enjoying all my posts my lovely readers. I'm working hard to get better at describing and swatching all these beautiful polishes for you. Thanks for sticking around and reading don't know what I would do without you guys <3

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  1. Hehe, more stars Jen, more stars! I like Soul Surfing the best, and I actually have that undie, so I gotta get it. Somehow...