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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello from over the pond :D

Howdy hi fellow polish lovers, So as Tia is going to be minus the Internet for a few weeks or so (HOW is she going to cope?! I am not sure I could) I offered to step into the breach and keep her blog ticking over until she is back. I don't have a blog myself but I do guest here and there for a few of my polish and fashion loving buddies, so I am hoping that you and I can firm up a wonderful friendship and I can brighten your day a little with a couple of english beauties I have hidden away in my stash. So what can I tell you about me?? Hmm.... Well apart from loving polish I love to Dance with my Street Dance Family. Its another massive passion of mine. I am also a mumma to an amazing little lad.... oh and I LOVE purple polish :D So you will more than likely see a LOT of that going around here. Now, we in good ol' Blighty are a little bit backwards when it comes to polish, but we do have some which, I think, are stunning. For this post.... I am going to show the some of the lovelies in the new Model's Own collection Wonderland. Like all Model's Own polish, they are wonderful to apply and have a super finish once dry. Here I have for you Northern Lights, which is a subtle pink holo, which packs a massive punch when you get it in the light. WOWZER!!!
After grabbing this one, I knew the purple Southern Lights NEEDED to be mine.... but I am afraid to say I was more disappointed in this one as it was more silver than purple. Nevertheless..... its still lovely, and you can see it here with A-England's Lady of the Lake on my ring finger.
Both of these beauties are 3 coats for good measure :D So what do you think? Worthy of a USA thumbs up?

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