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Saturday, October 20, 2012

BCA Mani!

You knew it was coming. It's breast cancer awareness month and even though I haaaate pink with a passion I had to do at least one :) Of course this cause is near and dear to a lot of hearts and I don't think there should just be a month we should be aware year round! Now when I realized what month it was I immediately stopped dead in my polish tracks because I own approximately 10 pinks. And now this may sound like a lot but when your collection looks like mine well its pathetic. Most pinks look awful on my skin or they just aren't out there enough for me. That's until I swatched this bad bitch. Three coats of China Glaze Shocking Pink (neon).
Look at my skin! I look tan as hell. Now Im going to post a normal picture of my horrible pale skin and you'll see the craziness this created.
See the ghost like quality of my skin. I swear I'm so pale I'm see through.

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