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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fun House!

More Jindie polishes? Oh yes! These are from a shopping spree I went on a few weeks ago. Oh I don't think she will ever let me down. Must get my hands on water for elephants next though. I neeeed it. This is Fun house of 1000 corpses. A yellow base packed with all sorts of crazy glitters in all kinds of colors. It looks like a carnival exploded on my nails in a good way of course. Its also named similar to one of my favorite movies ever House of 1000 Corpses so there was no question I had to have this. I have almost the entire Hellaween collection except for I think Zomboy. Go visit her etsy store and facebook page there's a weekend sale right now!
This is two coats and is slightly see through with the flash but in person its opaque. I absolutely love this one and its gonna be my Halloween night mani. Im sorry for the strange fog...adds to the creepy maybe?


  1. I like the fog, and your post! Much love!:)

    1. Haha thanks I guess the lens was dirty thats the only time its ever done that. :)