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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sinful Junkie

I'm sure you all remember the Sinful drama that happened right around the time of their big Walgreens sale. Well I hit the 99 cent sale pretty hard online because I found a 15% off coupon. I ended up with 17 colors! I tried to get every single glitter bomb they had. Well this is one of my favorites Nail Junkie. First off love the name, secondly love the formula goes on smoothly and with a little top coat is very smooth. I tried it over Rise and Shine but it just didn't pop so I put it over Milani Black Swift and just wow! The pictures do not do it justice because of horrible lighting issues. Otherwise now as blown bulbs :) But I think you can still see most of its beautiful blue/green/gold/silver holo goodness.

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