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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Perception Nail Lacquer

I received these amazing indie polishes in a swap last week and have to review them for you guys! They come from Amy at Perception Nail Lacquer . She has great customer service on top of her beautiful polishes. I recieved three polishes, Wicked, Purple Heart, and Martian Farts. Martian Farts is probably my favorite, I love the name! So lets start with a bottle shot. I have finally gotten a decent picture without flash.
First up is Wicked. I had almost complete coverage in one coat but of course went for two. Its a beautiful dark purple with holo glitter. Not sure if I can call it a scattered holo but I think it is. Just not in my pictures because they are only indoors. It has a great dry time and goes on very smoothly.
Next is Purple Heart. This one was a surprise in the swap. Its a purple jelly like polish with lots of holo glitter. It is so beautiful I can't seem to capture it though. You will see VNL in the photos but you couldn't see it in person. It goes on great and was pretty much opaque in two coats.
Finally we have Martian Farts. Don't you love the name? This is my favorite because I love green and holo. I have absolutely nothing like this. Its a beautiful shimmery green with holo glitter. I would definitely call this a scattered holo but the world of holographic glitter is very complicated so don't quote me lol. The application is just as nice as the rest and in two coats is perfect. I also tried three coats after the photos and I like that better I think. Makes it even greener. Again photos don't do it justice.
You can contact Amy at her facebook page and in her etsy store And also check this out my great friend made me these for my indie reviews. I gave this one five stars :)

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  1. Yup, love Wicked, I think it's one of my favorites. Hate to say I might have to add some Martian Farts to my Unicorn Farts too! Lol. Looks nice on you!