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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Feeling Mysterious?

I received my first Orly weeks ago and tried it on and then never did a post about it! This is Orly Mysterious Curse. Well since my first pics were terrible I redid it. Now for starters I loved this movie Dark Shadows. Yes I know everybody but me hated it. It was old Johnny Depp not Pirate Depp. SO the story line is a little stupid. Now the Orly collection was just awful but I love me a duochrome so this is beautiful. And I even like Buried Alive but the mani turned out terrible so it didn't make it to this post.
Application of this is great opaque in two coats. I have heard that people have problems with it but I don't at all.
I really need help with some new ideas for the blog so if you wouldn't mind leaving me a comment with what you would like to see please do. Have a good day loves :)


  1. I wanna see that OPI I gave you! Though I'm sure that'd be awful to photograph

    1. I quit on photographing that thing lol

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