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Saturday, October 20, 2012

I am a Milani fanatic if you haven't tried their polishes go now get some I'll wait.........you back yet? Okay good now lets get started. I got this forever and a half ago and never tried it. Deep thoughts is a gorgeous dark vampy purple and if you have nice nails its definitely a one coater. But my nails were a little worse for wear so I did two to cover all my bumps and cracks. Isn't it gorgeous?
Now onto my favorite pastel ever. Violet Dash. Milani claims this as a one coater and if you're not like me and apply really thin coats this would most definitely be one. I absolutely adore their one coaters Black Swift and White on the Spot are my go to black and whites. So this is two thin coats. Look at that shine!
I got some amazing nail mail this day so I topped it with Rainbow Honey 20% cooler. I wasn't totally in love with this to be honest but its a nice pairing none the less.